Unfortunately, aging is inevitable. We are all going to get old and there is not much we can do about this. However, what is not so easy to accept, is that we may actually be causing our own bodies to age quicker than they should be. Rather than discovering the fountain of youth, we are drinking from the exact opposite. Are we following habits that accelerate aging, probably unintentionally?


You may not be aware that there is an environmental component that can affect not only our skin but the whole aging process. So, what can we do to slow down this process, Which habits that accelerate aging should we ditch? 

  • Smoking.
  • Stress.
  • Diet.
  • Exercise.


We know that smoking is bad for our health. But it is also bad for our skin. Smoking, is one of the worst habits that accelerate aging in the body and skin. Your skin will tend to wrinkle up and dry out because of the chemicals in the cigarettes that make oxygen and circulation levels a lot lower.  It's harder to breathe and even harder to look good when people smoke cigarettes.

The earlier that a person starts smoking, the more of a negative impact this will have on their aging process. Smoking is one of the worst things that a person can do to their skin because it causes a lot of wrinkles around the mouth and under the eyes.

If you have smoked, then the damage is already done. But you can lessen the damage by giving up smoking.



We all have stress in our lives. But being stressed out is another one of the habits that accelerate aging.  You really should try and get your stress levels under control, because not only will it cause you to age a lot quicker and harsher, but it's bad for your mind and spirit.  

How can you think straight if you are stressed out all of the time?  What you could do to alleviate some of that unwanted stress is to join a Yoga class or start meditating.  When a person is super stressed out, it can very well cause their hair to fall out, and in some cases, it can cause a person's teeth to fall out, which can be a hard blow for a lot of people.

Some people are more prone to stress than others. I certainly am one of those people. But the more you can minimise the inevitable stress that we all suffer from, the healthier your mind and body will be.



Another of the habits that accelerate aging is poor diet. If you don't eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, then how do you expect your skin to age?  That's right, it's going to look so unhealthy, and wrinkles will tend to set in quicker because of what you're putting into your body!  

You owe it to yourself to eat healthier in order to age better and more slowly. Remember always to drink eight, eight-ounce glasses of water or more each day, to keep your body properly hydrated. This will also keep down on a lot of wrinkles that people tend to get.

Unfortunately, stress and a poor diet can often go hand in hand. Either stress, or the causes of stress make you less willing and able to shop and cook properly. Lack of time or enthusiasm mean that you either settle for take-away or eat quick junk that you have in the house. Popcorn and a glass of wine is not a healthy dinner!



Another factor that causes people to age harshly, is not getting any or enough exercise.  We must remember that what we do NOW will affect how we age and what conditions we will get as we grow into older age.  

By not getting any exercise, your body will degenerate, causing more wrinkles throughout the face and overall body, as well causing spider veins in the legs of a lot of women.  The more a person moves, the better off their lives and the aging process will be, due to flexibility, happiness, and overall strength in that person's body.

You might not think that lack of exercise is one of the habits that accelerate aging. However, once you reach your mid 40's, you will probably find things start to ache and creak. If you don't exercise, you will suffer more and more as you age. Believe me, no one wants to be the 50 year old who can barely move around or who has lots of aches and pains. 

I'm sure you have looked at this list and thought that you have done some, or all of the things on the list. However, don't use that as an excuse to continue with these bad habits. One of the ways we can age better, is to take responsibility for what we put in, and do to, our bodies. It is never to late to take up good habits, so start now.

How to Look Younger – Habits that Accelerate Aging