make eating healthy food fun

It seems that today everyone has an affection for junk food. The sales of foods such as hamburgers, pizza, sweets, fizzy pop and salty foods like crisps and french fries are increasing almost daily. This seems to be true for both children and adults; all have a love affair with junk food. However, it’s hard to find someone with such strong affection for the healthy food that they need.  For example grains, vegetables, fruits and foods rich in nutrients such as meat, beans, fish and nuts.  How do we make eating healthy foods fun?  Without throwing it that is!

Hopefully, if we make eating healthy foods fun, this will encourage both adults and kids to eat the kind of healthy food that some of them may not want to eat.

That’s right, make eating healthy foods fun. And how do you do that? Here are some tips:

Be Sneaky

Eating Healthy Foods

Try sneaking in some of those fruits and vegetables along with the kind of food they like, for example making muffins out of bananas or apples. There are lots of vegetables that you can throw in when you’re serving pizza. You could also make them look funny by arranging them creatively on a plate. Sure, some people don’t want their kids playing with food, but if it will help them get healthier, it may be worth the effort.

I always grate carrot and courgette into meals like chilli and bolognaise.  We actually like vegetables but it is still a good way to add a bit more into a meal.

Funny Name Game.

If your kids are below the age of four, here’s a great trick. Give the fruits and vegetables funny names and concoct elaborate stories. Some stories will end with these funny-named vegetables getting swallowed alive by the giant child. In another version, the vegetables run for cover and hide from their enemies by entering a big cave that happens to be your child’s mouth where they quickly get gulped down.  This seems to be quite common place in tv advertising now – so if it is good enough for them …

The Taste Test.

Kids dislike vegetables because they don’t like the taste. Therefore, make the healthy foods taste better and your child will love them. For instance, put peanut butter on celery or add a dash of flavor to broccoli with ranch dressing. I’m sure you can think of dozens of ways to spruce up healthy food.

Eating Healthy Foods

The key is to find creative ways to make both adults and children enjoy eating healthy food.  And once they’ve acquired a taste for it, eating healthy foods will be second nature to them.