Is Juicing Healthy for Weight Loss

People talk about juicing a lot, but is juicing healthy for weight loss? You can tell juicing would be good for you due to all the fruits and veggies. But is it a good way to lose weight too?

If juicing is so good for you surely it must help you lose weight too.

Juicing for Health

The great thing about juicing is that it is a really easy way to consume nutrients. Although you don’t get the amount of fibre you would get if you ate the whole fruit or vegetable. Though there are still benefits of fruit juice as well as the taste!

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Juicing is often used to complement a healthy diet. While it’s not a tool for weight loss, it can be used as a substitute for meals and can help you shed the stubborn pounds.

There are a few points to take note of. Adhering to them will help you to lose weight with juicing while not reducing your calories drastically.

Caloric Deficit

Are you at a caloric deficit?

This is the foundation of all weight loss. You must be at a daily caloric deficit of about 500 to 600 calories daily. Even if you’re drinking healthy juices daily, if you’re at a surplus or at maintenance level calories, you’ll not see weight loss.

Aim for a caloric deficit. You can find out your numbers here:

Coping with hunger and food cravings

One of the best ways to lose weight is to replace a meal with a juice or a smoothie. Usually, it’s best to do this for dinner. If you do it at lunch, you may feel lethargic or crave food more. At night, you can just go to bed and the hunger will be forgotten.

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Ideally, you should be drinking a smoothie because it has a thicker consistency and you’ll feel more satiated. Making a green or red smoothie that has banana, avocados, etc. will curb your hunger cravings.

You’ll be getting a lot of nutrients, but your calorie count for that ‘meal’ will still be low. Over time, this daily caloric deficit will show up as weight loss. You just need to stay the course. Easier said than done, right?

A juice meal replacement could therefore be a healthier substitute. And quicker to prepare than many meals. So win, win.

Dealing with blood sugar spikes

Most people who are over weight, are often insulin insensitive. There’s often the worry that drinking fruit juices will make them gain weight. This rarely happens because the fruit sugars are easily assimilated by the body and don’t cause much of a spike in the blood sugar levels.

Is Juicing a Healthy Method for Weight Loss?

There are different types of juice diet that are still popular. Including many juice fasts. You would probably lose weight on a juice fast as you would be consuming significantly less calories than normal. But is juicing a healthy method for weight loss compared to other diet plans?

In the short term a juice diet would probably lead to you losing weight due to calorie deficit. But you will regain weight when you stop the diet. You will also feel hungrier due to the lack of fibre.

It would be more beneficial to replace a meal a day with a juice, rather than do a full juice fast. You need an all round diet that juicing alone can’t provide.

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Always remember that natural fruit juices are not the same as the packaged fruit juices sold in supermarkets. The packaged ones are full of sugar and additives… and are best avoided.

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