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Approaching or in your 50’s?  Trying to lose weight, live healthily, look good and enjoy life?

People are living longer.  Middle age is definitely older than it used to be!  Apparently, middle age starts when you’re 55.  I think we can all agree that middle age is not a numerical milestone and being old is just a state of mind.  However, rather than concentrating on our age, we should be thinking about how to feel young and keep healthy.  This starts with having a healthy and varied lifestyle.  The better we can age, the better our quality of life in old age will be.  It is not too late to start some good practices to keep feeling young.

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About Me

Hi, my name is Penny and, probably like you if you have stumbled upon this, I am trying to hold onto my health and fitness despite the dreaded 50’s approaching.  No I am not trying to discover the fountain of youth or anything, but I do believe we can age gracefully (and disgracefully!).  However, most things health and fitness are aimed at the young.  We all know that as our bodies age, things that used to work for us in our 20’s no longer produce results.  So let’s start looking for information for the over 50’s.  Lets be #Fitat50!

My aim is to provide you with useful information and honest and helpful reviews of the best products I can find to keep us looking, and feeling, healthy and fabulous.  So I created this site to share my findings with others in the hope that they would help somebody else, who in turn would bring something else to the party!

Hopefully, you will find the site useful but it would be great if you would let me know.


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